Build Your Website in less than 30 Days!

Starting May 6st, join us live for weekly labs where we build our websites in real – time. Follow along by watching, share your screen if you get stuck. Finish with a website!

How It Works!

Join The Cohort. Fill Out The Pre-Form. Hop On The Video Sessions. Do The Work.

Work with Myi hands on as she personally leads you through

outlining, installing, designing and launching your website.

Log on each Wednesday and build your website right along with Myi.

Each weekly lab is 3 hours long.

Things you need to know

You will be building your site live in class.



You will need hosting.

You will need hosting in order to build your website. Wix, Squarespace, ect. Will not suffice. If you need hosting, please let Myi know immediately.


Class Is Manditory!

This is not for those who would like to read information to implement later. You will be expected to execute on schedule each week. Re-Play Videos will be available.


Pages Included.








Start by completing the outline worksheets. This will help you write the copy for your website and gather the images you will need to make your site pop. You will also gather the information needed for creating any online products or virtual sales.

Week 1

Install your website framework onto your server. Customize the colors, add in social media and contact information. Configure any special functionalities.

Week 2 / 3

Fill in the content of the homepage. Add in our photos and content. Integrate reviews and social media posts.

Week 3

Complete the About, Contact, (Services/Featured) pages. Complete mobile website version.

Week 4

Set up E-commerce any functionalities, test all functionalities and process a test purchase.

Are You A

Good Fit?

Do you have these things:
A Purpose For Your Site

Types of websites you CAN NOT complete in this program:

Social Media Sites

Multi-Vendor Sites

Movie and Video Streaming Sites

Booking Websites



Online Course

Video Classes

(Wednesdays 7-10pm CST)

Daily Coaching / Motivation



Everything in Standard

Needed Images

Premium Template Choices

Stock Video

Custom Feature (Booking, Large E-commerce, Social Media )