Amazon Publishing Cohort

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Publish to Amazon in less than 30 Days!

STANDARD : Course, Classes ( Tuesdays 7pm CST) and Coaching/Motivation ( Self Upload)

DELUXE: Standard + Book Cover, Mock Up, Proofreading and Uploading to Amazon with Myi

This is our 3rd round of Amazon publishing.

Types of books you can complete in this program:

  • Guided Journals
  • Basic Workbooks (with light graphics)
  • 30 days to ( Insert goal )
  • 30 Tips for XYZ

Types of books you CAN NOT complete in this program:

  • Novels
  • Autobiographies
  • Coloring Books
  • Journals heavy in graphics


To complete this course and upload you must have a social security number, or tax identification number and be able to complete tax information with amazon. (This information is never shared with Myind and is soley between you and amazon)



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How does it work?

Starting March 15th get weekly assignments that move you one step closer to completing and publishing your book. Each assignment builds on the next.

Pre- Course Work: We start by identifying what type of book would be best for your goals, who your target market will be and what business to business opportunities you can create with your finished product.

Week 1: We create an outline of your book, and begin filling in the manuscript template given to you via email. (You will need WORD. If you do not have word on your computer, you can use a trial, or pay monthly.) Manuscripts are pre-programmed to be read by printing programs to automatically update page numbers, chapter names ect. You can not make a manuscript in canva. You will need word!

Week 2/3: We then work diligently each day to complete writing. Your portions are due each morning by 8am. This keeps you on track with the group. Yes! You can complete the writing in 2 weeks.

Week 3: Time to create your Author Blurb, Book Bio and get your author photo together. Dont have a photo? We will be walking through how to create one at home, what makes a good photo, and tips for editing. We will also be completing book covers and getting ready to upload.

Week 4: Proofreading, wrap up and upload preparation. All of the loose ends are tied and we walk through the proper way to set up your book in amazon, as well as begin promotion and marketing. Once your book is ready for upload, we choose the best time to release for your book.

Uploading with Myi: Should you choose to upload with Myi, not only will your book be loaded into amazon for you, your SEO, keywords and backend work will be handled as well. The key to reaching #1 on Amazon is learning the ropes from experience. For the best results, utilize the experience of someone who’s done it time and time again.

Either Way! You are completely capable of doing this all on your own! You Got This. Come join us.



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