Pick Myi’s Brain- Master Myind Session

$ 75.00

1 hour Master Myind Video Session.

Do you want to…

Start a business? Re-brand ? Figure out what you need to do?

(I can help you with that!)

Wondering how to build a business instead of creating a job for yourself? Trouble determining which social media site is best for your biz or how you can get people to open your emails?
In a “Pick My Brain” session, our time together is yours to ask me whatever you want about marketing, branding, good practices, social media and starting a business.

After you book a session, here’s how it works…

1.You do a little bit of homework. Yes, sorry, We are going to give you homework! It’s easy, I promise. I ask you a few key questions about your current efforts and goals. You send your responses back to me at least 48 hours before our session. You also send me ANY and ALL questions you have that you hope to get answered during our session.

2. Then, I do some homework. (See, I have homework, too!) I take a look at your responses and your questions, and come to our session with detailed and specific tips, tricks and answers for you.

3. We meet! We’ll chat, either in-person or via video, for our session. During the session, I’ll spend every moment giving you as much value as I possibly can.

4. I send you some follow-up goodies. When our session is complete, I provide you with notes and action items from our session!

5. You go and make it happen! After our time together and reviewing your notes, you’ll be ready start making big things happen.