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Launching A Podcast


Our client The Pussy Party Podcast came to us to help them get off the ground . A launch party may work for some businesses but for one that make money through a following, it's more about impressions than anything. She needed to build a following.
Instead of a party we suggested we bar hop where her target audience frequented and just ask for subscriptions. It's free, people always have their phone on them and you can reach a ton more people with little investment.
Here are some important things to be successful in guerilla marketing
1. Go branded ! You need to be wearing your brand to gain credibility when you walk up to a stranger. My client and I both wore branded clothing so people knew we were there talking to them for a purpose and we were legit.
2. Bring an incentive . We chose shot glasses with her logo on them. They worked great because who in a bar, doesn't want a shot glass. All it took was for them to subscribe to her podcast on their phone. We make it very easy, we put her on iTunes and google play music ... almost everyone has those apps on their phone.
3. Have a takeaway. If you are going to do things in a bar, remember people won't remember tomorrow. We make a card especially for telling people about he podcast and how to subscribe . The sober them can find it the next day.
4. Talk to everyone, don't be shy. You can use icebreakers, jokes or just a simple excuse me. Don't leave anyone out, every person has the opportunity to have an impact on your life and your business.
5. Have a sample ! Even though she has no physical product, we created snippets to post online so people could hear the funny parts and juicy sections of the podcast and want to subscribe. We also created a 15 second elevator pitch for her to say when she introduced herself to immediately get the person in the mode to learn about her offering
Overall the main take away is building a following online can be done online, but going out and making connections with people make lasting crowds that want to support you.
We will be helping her do this weekly to grow her subscriber count. It's been really fun meeting new people and watching her list grow.